How do I begin this….

What I’ve always found fascinating is how we can work so hard for something, then when it actually comes around, we wish we could just postpone it for another while. Even an extra day would be such a relief!

Is it the fear of the unknown? Guilt? What is pulling us back from just taking that dive?

I found it pretty damn hard saying goodbye to my family. I mean, it’s their dream to see me kick starting my career, especially in such a major city like New York. But somehow I feel guilty for leaving them behind.

It’s so bloody confusing because they dedicate nearly their entire lives to develop your wings so that one day you can fly.. Then when you’re about to fly, you feel compelled to please your parents by sticking around.

I guess I’m being too emotional and probably overthinking things right now. I’m in the airport as I’m typing.. I know that once I land in New York everything will be fine!

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