Yep. Once you land in New York, find the place you’re supposed to be staying in, and meet people who are doing the same program as you, things get a whole lot easier!

The great thing so far about the Mountbatten program is that everybody is on the same wavelength. Everyone is actively trying to make new friends with one another which makes for a great vibe. You won’t run out of things to talk about!

We had orientation this morning.. pretty long, but very important. The Mountbatten staff covered everything you needed to know about New York.

One of the highlights of the orientation is when they brought in an NYPD officer to give us advice on how to survive the streets! So here’s one of the many tips we got.. Never put your wallet in your back pocket on a Subway (or in general) ..a guy can stand beside you..give you a little nudge while simultaneously reaching in for your wallet. You won’t feel a damn thing!

After the orientation was done we met with the March intake in, so these are the guys who started the program back in March. Was very insightful to talk with them about their experience so far and what they’ve been able to get up to for the last 6 months. They all seem to love it! Planning, time management and common sense seemed to be the most common piece of advice.

After that a group of us went for a stroll to find somewhere to eat. And yeah it’s so bloody expensive here! I bought a mini chicken wrap (3 bites and the sandwich was gone) and some orange juice for $13! Need to get smarter with my money of course, it’ll take a bit of time.

While we strolled into the night, I couldn’t stop getting moments where I’m like ‘woah, I’m actually in New York right now!’

Especially when you happen to casually stumble across the Empire State Building..



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