I can get really used to this!

So it has almost been two weeks in New York and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Life is very fast paced over here, but I like it!

I’ve managed to go to quite a lot of places over the past week or so. Times Square was one of the first places we went to, of course. Although I found it very cool being swarmed by adverts and billboards left, right and centre…I genuinely couldn’t remember any specific ad! The only ad I remembered was a Samsung ad where they just displayed their logo. That’s it. The power of branding huh?

Central Park was quite the adventure too. The place is massive! But it’s a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everyone just does their own thing there. Weddings, salsa classes, skateboard performances, you’ll find a bit of everything in Central Park.

The highlight of the week for me was starting my new job at Moody’s Analytics. I’ll never forget that moment before I entered the World Trade Centre. I took a little moment to myself, looked up at this huge concrete monster, took a deep breath and said “ok, this is it”.


So the World Trade Centre 7 has 52 floors. The marketing department is on the 52nd floor! And yes you guessed it right, the views are pretty spectacular. It feels like something out of a tv show!

We had to do a fire drill a couple of days ago actually. So we had to take the stairs from the 52nd floor all the way down to the first floor. I mean it took us about 15 minutes to reach the 25th floor. I swear my calves were in tears. It put leg day to shame! My respect for elevators went up a notch (didn’t really mean the pun).

One thing I noticed is that the Americans work so damn hard! I guess they seem to literally live for the weekends. But then again, it’s New York. Social life is great out here and you’re guaranteed to find something to do in the evenings.

And if you’ve nothing planned, you can always take a moment to reflect while you look at the beautiful views of the skyscrapers right across the Hudson River.




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