DC.. The ‘Capitol’ of USA. Yeah that’s how they spell ‘capital’. Americans and their ways!

So Labour Day weekend was approaching, a day where the achievements of workers is celebrated. Now one of our objectives throughout the year is to try to make the most out of every bank holiday weekend.

DC is only 4 and half hours by bus from New York so the journey wasn’t bad at all. Return tickets set us back around $80 and the hostel we stayed in was $30 per night. Overall I’d say we spent between $250-300 over the weekend.

The first thing that struck me next morning was how quiet the place was! Now our hostel was only about a mile from the city centre so I was expecting more noise. But I wasn’t complaining at all. I have to dodge everybody like Matrix on a daily basis in New York so now that I could walk peacefully in DC was quite a relief.

Ok so we’re not going to go to DC for the first time and not check out the White House. I was convinced that I was somehow going to get inside the house, bump into Trump and have the craic. But we were told to feck off.

We weren’t going to let them get into our heads. No fence would stop us from conquering DC. So we strolled around the area and thanks to Google maps we found ourselves at the Lincoln memorial.

It was pretty cool walking around the area where Martin Luther King gave his infamous “I have a dream” speech. The place was beautiful… The gardens, the rows of shade trees lining both sides, the monuments towering above the reflective pools.. The walk was nice.

Strength, peace, and union are the actual meanings behind the Lincoln Memorial. I’m not sure about the symbolism behind the reflective pool, but I guess the hint is in the name – reflection.

There are so many museums to go and see in DC and the best part is, they’re all for free! We only had time to visit two museums: the American Holocaust Museum and the National Air and Space Museum. They were both excellent but you’d nearly need an entire day to cover each one.

We concluded our trip with a visit to the Capitol Hill where America’s congressmen and congresswomen do business. We were fairly unfortunate not to be able to go inside as they happened to close it off. They’re opening it for the public tomorrow but yeah, we’ll be gone by then!

All in all, I’d definitely visit DC again! I really wanted to do a tour of the White House but apparently you have to apply for it like months in advance…background checks and all that jazz.

But for now, our mission is complete. We came. We saw. We conquered.


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