Can you remember the first ever song you listened to?

I wonder why we love the music that we like listening to today. Some people are interested in only a select few genres, some people like just about everything!

Growing up, the majority of music that I listened to was Arabic music. I mean, I was surrounded by it, so naturally I developed an interest towards it. But I was also exposed to a lot of rap and hip-hop music from a young age, and my interest for those specific genres has always stayed the same.

I always wondered, does our musical tastes change over time? Does age, circumstance or exposure have much influence? Or will we continue to lean more towards what we liked listening to when we were younger.

One of my many missions this year is to explore all the different genres of music. A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to check out this underground rock ‘n’ roll band in Brooklyn. The atmosphere was quite strange to me at the beginning, not my kind of music at all! But I loved the energy, and the passion from the crowd was quite contagious.

Last weekend I went to the Apollo theater to see “Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud at 50!” That song was released 50 years ago by the ‘Godfather of Soul’, James Brown, one of the most influential entertainers in the 20th century. That concert didn’t just celebrate James Brown, but also the music he inspired among other African-American artists during the summer of 1968.

Apollo Theater – the soul of American Culture!

I don’t remember ever going to a concert where I just sat down, and appreciated the music. Most of the concerts I’ve been to were hip-hop/dance etc. and typically, vocal abilities aren’t always on display at those kind of concerts!

I don’t want to go on a rant about the rap scene nowadays, but it’s becoming fairly annoying. Especially with this surge in the new form of rap, aka ‘mumble rap’, where rappers just mumble.. (while we nod our heads back and forth, seemingly mesmerized by their stunning lyrical abilities)

Lil Pump – #1 mumble rapper.

To understand mumble rap, you must first be able to understand order and chaos. Our pure thoughts are chaos, our thoughts encased and expressed through words are order.

To find out more about this recent rap climate change (global warming) check out this video:


I need to get better at finding good music! There must be a better platform for finding good songs than YouTube. I do know that YouTube now have their own music channel that you can signup for. They’ve been bombarding me with ads lately! I’ve never tried Spotify, I might just give that a go. It’s about time I guess!

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