The months are literally flying past, I can’t believe I’ve completed 1/3 of the year already – and still feel that I’ve just started, with so much yet to do and achieve!

If I had to pick out three key highlights from November, I’d probably go with: Broadway Theater, Thanksgiving, and our Trip to Boston.

I’ve heard so much about Broadway Theater that it would’ve been rude of me not to visit! My friend and I booked tickets to see Phantom of the Opera, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! This play has cemented its position as a ‘Timeless Classic’, and is based on a mysterious, disfigured musical genius who lives in an opera house.

A deformed, tormented ghoul with scarcely half a face, the mind of a genius, the soul of a poet and the vicious cruelty of a vengeful fiend.


Now, one thing I’ve noticed a while ago – Americans really know how to celebrate! Thanksgiving marked the festive period here in New York, and is a day filled with turkey, football, and family reunions!

Friendsgiving is also a big thing here. It’s essentially a mashup of “friends” and “thanksgiving”, and since many of us don’t have families here in America, we celebrated the holidays with a bunch of friends! Since we’re all coming from diverse backgrounds, it was beautiful seeing all the different meals on display!

The highlight of the month had to be our trip to Boston. Since we had a day off both the Thursday and Friday, we were compelled to make the most out of it. New York to Boston is a 4 hour bus ride, which goes by very quickly.

Boston was refreshing to say the least! After 4 months of New York, it was nice to roam around the street and not have to bump into people at every turn. The streets were very clean, and free-flowing; unlike New York, there’s no grid system. But according to the Uber driver, it’s an absolute nightmare to drive in Boston!

The city is generally very safe. Boston has around 35 universities and colleges, and is heavily policed.

We couldn’t go to Boston without making a stop at Harvard University. We went to the Harvard Library, but we couldn’t access it because we were non-students. But that didn’t stop us from trying to get in! The guy probably felt bad for us so he decided to let us in. I’m not sure if you can access the library if you’re a non-student (maybe you can buy a tour that gives you access to it) but if that’s not the case, he truly made our trip a very special one!

We wondered the library pretending to be Harvard students. There was this Ora of greatness to it! I spent around an hour flicking through books that were hundreds of years old.


After we were finished with Harvard, we toured around downtown Boston checking out different markets and cuisines. There was a lovely Christmas vibe to the city. And the air felt significantly cleaner than that of New York!

Walking the Freedom Trail was probably the best way that we could go about discovering Boston, exploring its historic sites, parks, restaurants, the list goes on. We ended up stumbling across the Marriott Custom House – Boston’s first skyscraper. We were told that if we wanted to check out the best view of Boston, we’d need to go up to the 19th floor. We eventually found our way to the top, and the views were truly breathtaking!

Boston will definitely be revisited. As a matter of fact, I’ll be going there again in January to see Boston Celtics take on Minnesota Timberwolves. I’ve already seen New York Nets play last week; the game was a lot of fun, but I’ve been told that Celtics operate at a much higher level. Much to look forward to!


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